Archiving of scenes

The term scenes prior to the semester 2020/21/2 and the permanent scenes not accessed for more than two years were archived in CooSpace system on 18th of February, 2021. This archiving does not mean deletion, just these scenes will not appear on the default scene list. In order to access the archived scenes, choose the “Archived” item in the “Filter” box below the Calendar tool on the left*. Using this filter, you can access the contents archives scenes but you cannot modify them. If you have to change the contents of an archived scene, you can revoke it after opening the scene with eligible (teachers’ or instructional coordinators’) rights by the “Restore from archive state” button or via the “Restore scene from archive” item in “Scene options” menu. To re-archive, select “Archive scene” command in “Scene options” menu.


* If you want to return to the default scene list, choose “Current” item in the “Filter” box, or click on the message “To show all scenes turn off filtering” at the top of the scene list.


CooSpace Support at USz

2019. Mar 19.


Elérhetők a rendszer használatát bemutató videósúgók a Linkek menü Videósúgó pontjában. Ez a tartalom a címen közvetlenül is megtekinthető.

2013. Nov 26.